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Getting money to start a business or complete a “dream project” is currently in progress is a difficult thing to do nowadays. However, Kickstarter can help you using crowdfunding to make your dreams a reality today. In this article, we are going to highlight as an example for you some of the most successful Kickstarter success stories to show you just how valuable crowdfunding can be.

For example, Neil Young just finished raising $6.2 million, which is one of the largest amounts of money ever raised with the use of a website.

He plans a PONO music player with a download store for music later in the year.

This shows you haw successful Crowdfunding can be for getting your project off the ground as well.

So with no more ado let’s see how Kickstarter has helped many other people turn dreams and business opportunities into real live businesses and other ventures that are helping them live the life that most, only dream of.

Amada Palmer – Musician

Ms. Palmer raised 1.2 million in June 2012, to allow her to go on tour to sport to tour and a studio album’s creation, setting the stage for her future professional music career.

This resulted in the release of “Theater Is Evil.”

During the tour, musicians in each of the cities were invited to back her on stage and in exchange would be given free beer, kudos, merchandise, or just a plain old hug.

However, this did not go down very well and Amanda instead paid for the services of these musicians. Even with this unexpected snag. She was still able to break even, while gaining publicity, experience, and giving her fans what they want.

This is set an example to other musicians of how they too can get the needed funding for their projects using crowdfunding.


Hans Fex – Museum owner
Hans had a dream of creating a mini museum. With the help of over 5000 backers in March of this year raise $1.2 million for a museum of pocket-sized collection of curiosities of authentic, iconic, and labeled things that many people would not consider something that would be put in the museum.

Each kit has items in it, such as shards of lunar rock, a piece of a mommy’s wrapping, and a dinosaur eggshell as well as small pieces of London Bridge are in each Mini Museum.

Going well beyond his original goal of $38,000, Hans is already creating the initial kits for the Mini Museum. The first ones are due out in July. He is also been busy setting up an official website and mailing list that updates his many followers with the projects status. This is a reminder for everyone. How successful you can be using Kickstarter for your project. Getting the money is easy the hard work begins, after that, when you bring your dream into reality and document it for your backers.

Rob Thomas – Veronica Mars movie project.

Writer/producer Rob Thomas, with the help of 91,000+ supporters in April 2013, raised $5.7 million to realize his dream of bringing back the popular TV series Veronica Mars in some form or another. The Victoria Mars project was one of the fastest to reach milestones of $1 million and $2 million, respectively. His goal was to show Warner Bros that this was the time and that the fan base was there to support a comeback of the popular series.

With Kristen Bell signed on the movie was given a green light, and in March 2014. It was released and made over $2 million in box office receipts in the US alone on its opening weekend. The film also made his debut the same day on Amazon, iTunes, and other video on demand service sites.

The uptake of this wasn’t showed that you could not only release a movie in the theater, but online simultaneously and still make a profit. It also showed that a canceled TV show like Victoria Mars that still has a dedicated fan base can take on new life, which goes beyond crowdfunding.

Zach Braff – Actor, Writer – movie – “Wish I Was Here”
With the help of 46,520 backers in May 2013, he succeeded in raising $3.1 million to make his next film. Using Kickstarter in lieu of traditional means of raising funding for a film he avoided rejection and the backbreaking labor that Hollywood often forces moviemakers to go through.

In a controversial campaign, sparking questions about why he didn’t do it with his own money and this was compounded when information surfaced that Worldview Entertainment was topping off the budget.

Braff was very candid about his intent to raise more money and go beyond what Kickstarter had done. He reiterated, “Nothing has changed about the making of this movie. This movie is happening because backers funded it,” he wrote in an update for those backers.

“Wish I Was Here” was praised at it, the Sundance film Festival this past January and will be released in the summer of 2015.

The takeaway on this is that Kickstarter complements traditional movie finances rather than replacing it. Braff’s experience with this project highlights the tensions that can arise crowdfunding projects by celebrities by fans who assume that the stars are richer than they really are.
Final thoughts
These success stories illustrate just how successful Kickstarter is when it comes to funding art and technology. Their site has popularized the idea of crowdfunding, where creators or companies go directly to their existing fans or potential customers and ask them to help fund a creative project, and in return, they received the finished product and the satisfaction knowing that they’ve done something special. There are also many perks awarded to those who kick-in the most or go beyond what is asked.

There are other companies on the web that are doing similar things also, and each services a niche market. Kickstarter, however, is more broad themed then this. It also has one of the best success records for getting the most money and support for the various artists, authors, and musicians to support their various projects.

However, Kickstarter is not just for the arts, businessman and entrepreneur’s turn to Kickstarter and crowdfunding to launch innovative and new products into the marketplace as well.
So, what are you waiting for?

If you have a dream, A project that is stall due to lack of cash or you are an Entreprenuer with a bold new product turn to Kickstarter and get the crowdfunding you need to make your wishes come true today. Click on the URL below and find out how Kickstarter can do all this and more and perhaps yours will be the next Kickstarter success story.

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