Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

It’s not uncommon for people to be placed into different categories. These categories can be used for many different purposes. One of which involves placing people in one of two categories for the purposes of getting new ideas off the ground. This said, here are the two categories that people should review.


•People who have great ideas, but no money
•People who have money, but no great ideas


Placing the two of these categories together is one of the greatest concepts that people can take advantage of today. This said, there are companies like kickstarter that’s well known for taking a big part in carrying this torch to people all over the globe. Therefore, those who have these great ideas can start whole projects and be successful in contributing in various different ways. Which means, when an individual wants to launch a crowdsourcing campaign, they may choose one of thirteen different types of projects that they want to obtain assistance with, and they consists of technology, theatre, publishing, music, photography, food, video, games, art, dance, comics, film, design and fashion. For instance, if an individual wants to find investors for a mobile app that they are developing, they should launch a project under the classification of technology.


Overview of Kickstarter the Company


Because there are different types of crowdfunding platforms on the web today, people should make sure that they are understand the guidelines of each. Since is one of the most popular crowdfunding platforms on the Internet, people can easily find the rules and guidelines that they operate by. For instance, the company requires the person that launches their campaign to provide a physical prototypeand a manufacturing plan. On the other hand, the company bans the use of simulations when demonstrating products, photorealistic renderings, and projects that promote genetically modified organisms.


It is important to note that the company can also take credit for many well known creators including musicians like Amanda Palmer, and filmmakers like Bret Easton Ellis. Kickstart is also recognized for a large host of other innovative creators that have gained a certain amount of notoriety via Kickstarter. Also, even though the statistics vary from one year to another, the 2012 figures show approximately 207,000 launched projects with over 1,523,718,000 in pledges.


Starting a Project Crowdfunding Project

1) What to do Before launching on kickstarter / Prelaunch

Before the individual launches their campaign, there are some things that they will need to do. Some of the more common normally involves making sure the individual is prepared to communicate with the people who are interested in getting the development of the app off of the ground. By preparing in advance, the individual will have a better chance in making sure their campaign is successful. So, here’s a few things that will need to be done.


2) Utilize online vehicles to communicate with others

When the individual is in the prelaunch stage, they will need to create their own landing page. This page will be used for directing potential supports to do at least one of the three things, and they are tweeting the idea, sharing it on Facebook or watching a video that describes the apps campaign. With these actions, people will have an opportunity to assist with getting the support that’s needed in order to be successful.Once the word is out, the individual should make sure that they are prepared to communicate with their subscribers. This communication can be done by using mailchimp as a tool. Mailchimp is a great tool for compiling mailing list so that they can be sent out on demand. For instance, mailchimp will provide the individual with a way to send large volumes of email to their subscribers for free.


3) Choose a tool to Collaborate with the Group

Having the appropriate collaboration tools is also essential to a successful crowdsourcing project. Based on the scope of the project, the individual will need a way to get everyone involved together to make decisions and the like. For instance, in some cases, the individual may need to delegate various assignments about the apps’ development to others in order to expedite the activities that need to be done. Regardless to the circumstances and situation, Basecamp is often recommended for these kinds of corporate activities.


4) Actual Launch

When a crowdsourcing campaign is being launched, the apps developer will need to follow the provisions made by kickstarter. Because kickstarter has several ways for people to receive the funding that they need, the individual will need to do this research in advance. The research that they do will determine what kind of model that they should use. Which means, the person may want to:
– requests online donations for those who are interested- Look for funds via a refund-based crowdfunding option- Participate in crowd lending or peer-to-peer lending- Establish a venture that uses Equity based crowdfunding


The type of crowdfunding model that’s used will be depend on the individual and their preferences, the type of project that is being launched as well as others factors. For instance, if the developers wants to share the profits with the people who invest, kickstarter allows the individual to utilize equity based crowdfunding. Thereby, making the app that’s developed a venture that the individual and the investors can earn money from.


Crowdfunding is a great way to bring people with ideas and people with money together. Since some people with great ideas do not have the funds to make them happen, they can use the assistance of investors who want to make their money grow by investing in others. Fortunately, with companies like Kickstarter involved in making these connections happen, creative people can contribute new and innovative ideas in many different areas including the arts, design, technology, video, film and many more. Launching a campaign on kickstarter does not have to be difficult. However, there is a certain amount of preparation that must be done including choosing the best online communication vehicles and collaboration tools for the campaign. All of which is designed to assist with facilitating a successful crowdfunding venture.