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Our team of volunteer contributors ranges from entrepreneurs, lawyers, bloggers, and crowdfunders. We use our diverse backgrounds to offer a unique perspective on the following crowdfunding platforms & crowdfund marketing services. See how your favorite sites rank!



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(5 of 5 Stars)

Indiegogo makes the cut as our highest ranked platform. The win is the flexibility the platform offers crowdfunders. Funding type, project time, location, everything is very open. For instance, you get to keep the money pledged if your project fails to meet its goal on flex funding, while Kickstarter is always an all-or-nothing policy. While both are arts-oriented, IndieGoGo seems more lax on what sort of people and projects are allowed. Its also a lot better for your international customers because of their payment systems, i.e. paypal.

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4stars(4 of 5 Stars)


Kickstarter ranks slightly below Indiegogo at 4 starts out of 5 due to the reasons above. The lack of flexibility with the platform makes it slightly less ideal than Indiegogo. However, it is still a great platform. The best feature that Kickstarter offers to crowdfunders is their community aspect. They have a much stronger community base of crowdfunders you can support your project. They also specialize in artistic projects, which helps you reach the right people if you’re already in the niche. Besides those differences, the platforms are both on the same level.

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GoFundMe ranks lower at 3 starts for several reasons. First, they have a very small track record of success. Although they have had successful campaigns, they lack the list of big wins that fill the categories of Indiegogo and Kickstarter (example: the Coolest Cooler and others). GoFundMe is definitely not suited for the everyday crowdfunder. If you’re running a project for a charity or non-profit, then you might want to give them a closer look. They specialize in personal causes and life events, rather than small businesses and startup ideas (see instead for that). However, has recently launched Indiegogo Life, which is a much better (and FREE) option for cause and life projects.

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2stars (2 of 5 Stars)


RocketHub ranks at the bottom tier at only 2 stars. The main reason is the lack of publicity for their web platform. It is a little known crowdfunding website that caters to startups, entrepreneurs, artists, non-profits, and anyone else on planet earth. Their really isn’t a solid determining factor why one would choose Rockethub over Indiegogo or Kickstarter. It simply makes more sense to use the community and brand credibility of the other two crowdfunding platforms.



Update 4/18/2015: was bought by a venture capital firm for $15 million. This may actually improve the platform. We will keep an eye on it and may adjust rankings later.


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