CrowdfundingBase Forums Ranks Crowdfunding Services Who Helped Community Members

CrowdfundingBase Forums periodically reviews the best crowdfunding marketing services on the web. We compared dozens of the top crowdfunding services to rank which one is most effective for crowdfunders. This year our crowdfunding forum ranked Smart Boost System the most effective crowdfunding service for Indiegogo campaigns for 2016. is a […]

The Future of Crowdfunding

Five years ago crowdfunding was virtually unknown. Today millions of people have used this means of marketing their ideas to a vast network of people worldwide. The US Jobs Act of 2012 allowed more access to investments for individuals with fewer restrictions, thus increasing the crowdfunding opportunities and turning this […]

Using CrowdfundingBase

Welcome to CrowdfundingBase, the worlds largest knowledge base for crowdfunding. Our mission is to provide crowfunders everywhere free access to the knowledge and insight they need to succeed. Don’t start a crowdfunding campaign without it! We hope you like the articles prepared by leading experts from the crowdfunding community. All articles are […]