The Future of Crowdfunding

Five years ago crowdfunding was virtually unknown. Today millions of people have used this means of marketing their ideas to a vast network of people worldwide. The US Jobs Act of 2012 allowed more access to investments for individualswith fewer restrictions, thus increasing the crowdfunding opportunities and turning this into […]

Benefits of Crowdfunding

As new legislation stimulates the growth of crowdfunding, the industry is also evolving into a powerful strategy for start-up businesses. With participation from potential investors from all over the globe, its has gained a great deal of momentum, especially when being compared to traditional business financing. Therefore, for aspiring business […]

Crowdfunding for Beginners

Not too many years ago, businesses and projects that were ambitious attempts at success with zero capital had to hope for sources such as venture capitalists or rich relatives to get their business off the ground. In the last few years, Internet websites such as Kickstarter opened up a new […]

The Evolution of Crowdfunding

Low-income individuals lack same banking opportunities accorded to both middle and upper-income households. Therefore microfinance is the specific term for lending money to low-income households. Although it helps people curb poverty, the amounts offered by microfinance are way too small compared to those given by banks. The loan awarded can […]

History of Crowdfunding

Since its inception, Crowdfunding has had a very rich history. Though it dates back to the 1700’s, there has been many positive changes made to-date. Because of the recent growth in the past decade, there is a modern day crowdfunding movement that’s currently shaping its present as well as it’s […]

Crowdfunding Success Tips

10 Business Tips for Crowdsourcing There is little doubt crowdfunding has been rising in popularity – and continues to do so. With the number of crowdfunding sites growing by the day, the competition for pageviews and pledges among competing sites grows as well. This is especially true on portal sites […]

Crowdfunding on RocketHub

One of America’s largest crowdfunding platforms is RocketHub. The website is host to a variety of fundraiser groups, including: Musicians Entrepreneurs Scientists Game developers Filmmakers Philanthropists Photographers Theatre producers and directors Writers Fashion designers These groups and many more come to RocketHub to post their fundraising campaigns. The company was […]

Crowdfunding PR

Running an Effective and Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – the Importance of Hiring a Professional Crowdfunding PR Agency Crowdfunding has not only grown in popularity among entrepreneurs and investors alike, but its tactics have also evolved significantly in the recent past. The growth in popularity has also led to new approaches […]

Indiegogo and the GoGo Factor

Indiegogo’s Gogo Factor gives artistic dreamers, business minded individuals and dogooders a fighting chance to make their dreams come true. Many people are afraid to venture into crowdfunding, because they are afraid their campaigns will be lost in the crowd. With the Gogo Factor, the chances of your dreams or […]

Top 10 Best Crowdfunding Projects Ever

  Crowdfunding is becoming the most accessible manner for budding entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, game developers and virtually anyone to try and turn their dreams into reality. Even though more and more people are beginning to take advantage of this alternative to pursuing a bank loan (some people want help paying […]