Crowdfunding Sites for Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding is many times more what it used to be five years ago – today, there are almost 1000 crowdfunding sites on the internet. What’s more, the opportunities in crowdfunding have attracted major brands such as Oculus VR, which managed to earn $2.4 million on Kickstarter before being bought for […]

Crowdfunding For Small Businesses

Are you thinking about starting a business? Or thinking of expanding your thriving business? As many small business owners have learned, finding financial support is not always easy. Even a business with a great idea and a fantastic business plan may have a hard time securing needed funds. This explains […]

Crowdfunder Resources

Crowdfunding is continually growing and evolving, seeing a rise of new strategies and concepts occasionally. For people who are not familiar with the concept, getting to understand can be quite daunting at first owing to the tons of information available out there. Those who feel they are ready to harness […]

Learning From The Best Crowdfunding Projects

In just a few short years crowdfunding has helped hundreds of businesses raise millions of dollars, even tens of millions of dollars to help finance the start-up of their small business. From mobile apps to crib mobiles, restaurants to breweries, crowdfunding has helped so many different companies get their start. […]

Should You Even Do Crowdfunding?

What Makes A Great Fit? Crowdfunding can benefit both the startup business and the new business. A crowdfunding campaign can be an excellent way to raise capital to allow a prototype to become an actual product, or a germinating idea into a visible business. The new business can use crowdfunding […]

Equity Crowdfunding Overview

Since Crowdfunding has become so popular in many business and social circles today, its concept has expanded into offering different options. One of the most recent options is equity crowdfunding, and it is based on the concept of people owning a part of the company instead of receiving reward based […]

The Future of Crowdfunding

Five years ago crowdfunding was virtually unknown. Today millions of people have used this means of marketing their ideas to a vast network of people worldwide. The US Jobs Act of 2012 allowed more access to investments for individualswith fewer restrictions, thus increasing the crowdfunding opportunities and turning this into […]

Benefits of Crowdfunding

As new legislation stimulates the growth of crowdfunding, the industry is also evolving into a powerful strategy for start-up businesses. With participation from potential investors from all over the globe, its has gained a great deal of momentum, especially when being compared to traditional business financing. Therefore, for aspiring business […]

Crowdfunding for Beginners

Not too many years ago, businesses and projects that were ambitious attempts at success with zero capital had to hope for sources such as venture capitalists or rich relatives to get their business off the ground. In the last few years, Internet websites such as Kickstarter opened up a new […]

The Evolution of Crowdfunding

Low-income individuals lack same banking opportunities accorded to both middle and upper-income households. Therefore microfinance is the specific term for lending money to low-income households. Although it helps people curb poverty, the amounts offered by microfinance are way too small compared to those given by banks. The loan awarded can […]