CrowdfundingBase Forums Ranks Crowdfunding Services Who Helped Community Members

CrowdfundingBase Forums periodically reviews the best crowdfunding marketing services on the web. We compared dozens of the top crowdfunding services to rank which one is most effective for crowdfunders. This year our crowdfunding forum ranked Smart Boost System the most effective crowdfunding service for Indiegogo campaigns for 2016. is a […]

Crowdfunding Marketing Services

Many people have great business ideas. Unfortunately this is all they remain to be, ideas. For an idea to materialize, one of the most important things is access to enough funding. In many ways, funding determines how well the ideas will be executed. It is also one of the ways […]

Top Crowdfunding Challenges

The ubiquity of positive crowdfunding stories can give people a false sense of how easy it actually is. Getting started using Kickstarter and similar crowdfunding platforms is harder than it looks. Sang Lee, the Return on Change founder and CEO, claims that success with crowdfunding requires a solid support network […]

Crowdfunding Trends in 2015

Whether it is via an equity platform or kickstarter, startups which have launched platforms show how effective it can be to raise funds through small contributions from many people. As crowdfunding continues to become popular, small businesses will start to take advantage of the trends that emerge. These are the […]

Crowdfunding Fundamentals

In the last couple of years, crowdfunding has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness–and thus has become a widely used method. There are numerous of well-known individuals who have turned to this new way of raising money in order to come up with a meaningful sum for their respective […]

Top Kickstarter Success Stories

Getting money to start a business or complete a “dream project” is currently in progress is a difficult thing to do nowadays. However, Kickstarter can help you using crowdfunding to make your dreams a reality today. In this article, we are going to highlight as an example for you some […]

Top Crowdfunding Sites In 2014-2015

If you are looking for the right crowdfunding platform to launch your idea, you should start by understanding the ever growing crowdfunding industry and then familiarize yourself with the crowdfunding platforms listed below. The crowdfunding industry Over the last five years, this industry has seen a lot of growth helping […]