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Quantified Commerce is an innovative online marketing agency that uses the combined expertise of website designers, data analysts and copywriters to transform the nature of online marketing. The conventional way to promote things online is to produce eye catching adverts, then wait for people to notice them. Quantified Commerce also produces eye catching adverts, but ensures that they are noticed with the help of analytics.

By 2022, the Economic Times reports that the online economy in India is forecast to be worth one trillion dollars. Quantified Commerce aims to spearhead this movement, by assisting Indian brands with their online presence. The company specializes in producing adverts on social networks like Facebook, which can be shown exclusively to a brand’s intended audience. This results in successful marketing campaigns that cost far less than TV adverts.

In addition, Quantified Commerce always looks to the future to anticipate upcoming trends, so that the company will thrive in an ever changing sector. For instance, they think that the live online broadcast of sporting events will become more popular across the world. This might not suit all types of adverts that are presently shown on television; however it does provide great potential for targeted adverts to be shown on screen throughout an event.

Quantified Commerce differs from other eCommerce companies in that it uses a managerial process known as Scrum. This involves brief meetings each day, where different departments discuss the work they are doing and what they have achieved recently, in a group setting. This allows members of a team to take responsibility for one another, and their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Essentially, the aim of a ‘scrum’ is to ensure that the company’s operations are clear to all staff, and to make everyone feel as if they are working together towards the intended outcome.

Quantified Commerce has been able to introduce this management process to all of its’ warehouses, factories and offices. This includes its’ Indian factory in Panchkula, and its’ corporate head office in Times Square, NY. Due to its’ adaptation of the Scrum management model, the company has enjoyed fantastic growth of 100 to 300 percent each year, during the previous four years. It seems as if, once everyone understands their role and the role of others in the company, it is easier to succeed as a group.

Quantified Commerce is under the leadership of renowned entrepreneur, Agam Berry, who co owns the company. In 2010, Agam gained a Bachelor’s degree at Punjab University, then bit the bullet and went into the fast moving digital advertising sector. His experience of dealing with everything from cryptocurrencies to online marketing, gives him a diverse knowledge base to draw on. Apart from his status as an authority in the online advertising arena, Agam spends a lot of time giving his insights about eCommerce and Internet brands.

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If you want to receive the latest Quantified Commerce online marketing advice, you can visit their website, or connect with them on Twitter and Facebook.

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