Interview: Mark Campbell, VP of Marketing, Inventure X

Marketing expert and consultant Mark Campbell is one of the crowdfunding pioneers helping entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors get their projects off the ground. As the lead strategist for crowdfunding platform InventureX, Campbell leads a team in coming up with creative campaign strategies that fit the unique needs of each client. We were lucky enough to sit down with him and pick his brain about crowdfunding and his role in the industry. Read on to know more about his role in this platform and what InventureX is all about.

Why crowdfunding?

I gravitated towards crowdfunding by default, I guess. My background is in product development and marketing so it was a natural fit. I took a couple of business courses in college and did a brief stint in retail and the service industry after college so I got a first-hand look at business-customer interactions that proved valuable in this line of work.

What’s the biggest challenge to launching a crowdfunding campaign in 2019?

I think one of the biggest challenges in this line of work would be changing the mindset of clients about what crowdfunding is. Crowdfunding is not a get-rich-quick route that gets you the money you need. Promotions, tweaking the products, going all-in on social media, all these take work and there are clients who don’t know this. We need to make clients understand this before we plan a campaign because everyone needs to be on the same page for a project to succeed.

What are some of the skills that will prove useful when leading a crowdfunding campaign?

Having a unique insight into branding, what trends are in, what consumers want and what business strategy works best for a particular campaign– these will prove crucial when leading any crowdfunding or marketing campaign.

Any business advice for anyone looking to crowdfund a project?

Crowdfunding is a great alternative to investor funding but it takes the same amount of work. You need to know your product and you have to be ready to do the legwork when it comes to getting the exposure you need. Entrepreneurship is always an uphill climb even if you have a really great product. You have to be willing to give it 100% if you want the best chance to succeed.

What’s the future of crowdfunding?

Currently, we see a lot of potential for crowdfunding in the real estate market. Crowdfunding through cryptocurrency is also a very real thing and we expect cryptocurrencies to become a major player once the industry achieves a certain level of balance and consistency. Crowdfunding plays a huge part in getting new and innovative products off the ground and it continues to do so for many entrepreneurs. We expect more and more entrepreneurs to take this route in the years to come.

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