Digital Marketing Expert Arshad Madhani On His Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Arshad Madhani On His Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

Arshad Madhani knows how the digital world intersects with commerce and business. As a digital marketing expert, he spends his days helping clients craft effective marketing campaigns so they can reach their business goals. Smart, effective marketing strategies paired with great interpersonal skills make Madhani one of the pioneers in targeted and organic digital marketing. This also makes him a great source for tips on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in the digital age. Here he shares his top 5.

Be realistic about your goals.

It is easy to want to do everything when you are just starting out. However, doing so many things at one time can zap your focus and make you more vulnerable to burnout. What I find practical is looking at the goals you can reach with the resources you have. I like to set clear and defined goals stacked against a reasonable timeline. This allows me to track my progress and celebrate small wins when they happen.

Make persistence your friend.

You will face rejection in business. This is a fact. Train yourself to welcome these closed doors so you can develop persistence like a second skin. Doors will close, people will say no to a business idea or an investment opportunity. All these are drawing you closer to that one affirmative response that will make all the difference for your business.

Know when to step back and recharge.

Too many entrepreneurs work to the point of exhaustion, especially when just starting out. Chasing momentum is good but you have to know how to listen to your body. Take time to recharge. Get a hobby that you can easily turn to when you need some downtown. Knowing how to manage stress is the only way to avoid burnout.

Keep learning.

The pursuit of knowledge can help you avoid the most common mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made. Continue learning by reading, listening to business podcasts and seeking business advice from peers and mentors. The best thing about education at this age is that you can educate yourself and you can do it while sitting in traffic, standing in line at the checkout counter, or while eating lunch. Learning resources are readily available online, it’s only a matter of knowing what resources you need and committing the time to use them.

Build relationships, not networks.

It’s true that networking can be your lifeline in business, but the quality of your connections matters even more. For me, great networks are built on solid relationships. I make sure that my relationships are built on trust and respect because, at the end of the day, clients want to work with someone they can trust. If you have a network of people who respect and trust you, not just a network of people who see you as a business contact, you have great leverage over your competitors.

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