Crowdfund Rescue LLC Crowdfunding Video Tips

Crowdfund Rescue LLC Shares 4 Tips For Producing Crowdfunding Videos That Convert

In 2019, crowdfunding is a great way to raise money to turn an idea into a reality. The only problem is, competition is getting harder than ever for people to get that important money towards their goal.

One of the best ways to really reach investors and separate from the pack is to use an engaging video. There are a lot of different reasons why videos convert better than any other option out there. Here are four tips on producing the perfect video, courtesy of Crowdfund Rescue LLC.

Be Real and Yourself

Those who have the money to fund certain projects want to feel like they can connect with an entrepreneur. Nobody wants to be sales pitched to death, because that can come off as less than genuine.

Practice the video a few times before actually shooting the real take. Depending on the type of industry a person is in, they should dress appropriately. There is no need to wear a complete suit and tie if you are selling something like a toy for kids.

The best suggestion is to treat the video like a first date. Nobody wants to try too hard, but they also want to look very presentable and genuine.

Keep Things Short

There are thousands of crowdfunding projects out there. There are a lot of other things a person could be doing on the Internet as well. For most people, they only have a few seconds to really reel somebody in who might be interested in helping find a project.

Every video should be quick and to the point. It helps to write a script before hand, because then a person does not ramble on and on. Also, run it by friends and family before posting it. If they give positive feedback, it might be worth really going all in.

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off

When a person starts a crowdfunding campaign, they are really just trying to get strangers to invest in them as a person. After all, the idea actually has to come to life if it is funded. In order to really convince people that you have what it takes to be this person who can make an idea real, it helps to show off a little bit.

Discuss the development process if possible. Talk about past projects that you have worked on that might make people feel more confident that you mean business. Be very confident during the entire video, because people will be able to tell pretty quickly.

The video should not be full of bragging and showing off, but be assertive with what you do well. It will be beneficial in the end.

Focus on Video Quality Over Everything Else

In a lot of cases, a person has one main video that can make or break their crowdfunding campaign. This is the main video that every single person is going to watch if they are actually interested. This definitely should not be rushed, and it helps to make everything look as professional as possible.

Some people will opt to hire professionals to shoot and edit a video. Others will do it themselves, but they might use a more professional camera other than just the one on their smartphone. Everyone only has one shot to make that initial impression, so it needs to count in the end or there will be a lot of regrets.

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