InventureX Review Best 2019 Crowdfunding Resource

InventureX: 2019’s Best Crowdfunding Resource?

InventureX is a leading crowdfunding marketing company, based in the United States. The company specializes in helping those with a great idea and a crowdfunding project setup to reach their maximum potential. With a lot of competition out there heading into 2019, is InventureX still a cut above the rest? Here’s a closer look at all they are currently offering, and what might be on the horizon for this year and beyond.

The State of Crowdfunding in 2019

There is no doubt that the crowdfunding industry is coming off a strong 2018. In fact, some would say that crowdfunding campaigns are as popular as ever. All it takes is a look at some of the top sites like KickStarter, GoFundMe, and Indiegogo to see that millions of dollars are being thrown around.

Crowdfunding is as popular as ever, but those who really have success need to be smarter than the competition. It can be very difficult to get eyes on a certain project if the right type of marketing is not done. So many very interesting ideas can go overlooked in a crowdfunding format, if there is no true type of marketing to get eyes on the campaign

How InventureX Helps Potential Crowdfunders


To some people, a crowdfunding project might not seem like something that difficult to run. After all, it is easy to spot some of the top success stories out there and see money just being thrown at them with little to no effort. What people don’t realize is that to get to that point, there was a lot of hard work. InventureX is designed to help crowdfunders achieve maximum exposure, reach peak performance quickly, and transform the idea into a reality from beginning to end.

Since 2012, the digital marketing company has been able to help over 350 campaigns. Their team has a number of specialists, which allows them to work on a variety of campaign types.

The real work with any crowdfunding project is getting that an initial attention to really get the ball rolling. The hope is to put a lot of time into the campaign in the early stages, and have it naturally generate more contributions as it is shared organically.

InventureX is located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, and they deal with clients virtually. They can usually start a new project setup in a matter of days.

Are They Truly the Best Resource to Get Your Project Off the Ground?

InventureX has worked with a few very successful crowdfunded projects in the last few years, and they do a very good job of using past success to help with new strategies. Those who are new to crowdfunding should always read what others have to say before really diving into a crowdfunding project.

The people behind Wave E-Bikes, RestOn, and popSLATE 2 are just a few very successful crowdfunded projects boosted thanks to InventureX. They were all very satisfied with everything that the company was able to help with during the tough times. Although there are always going to be great ideas out there for crowdfunding, few companies can compete with InventureX when it comes to getting a project off the ground. They research everything beforehand to make sure that the right strategies are being used.

Not only can the company be used to get a product off the ground, but they can also be brought in if expectations are not being met early on. There are some people who try to do something for their campaign by themselves, but then later on they realize that additional assistance could be really utilized.

How to Set Up a Consultation with InventureX

Setting up a consultation with InventureX is very easy and straightforward. The best way to do it is to visit to schedule a phone call. If you aren’t quite ready to schedule a call, you can follow the company on Facebook and stay up to date with their latest projects and latest trends in the crowdfunding industry.

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