CrowdfundingBase Forums Ranks Crowdfunding Services Who Helped Community Members

CrowdfundingBase Forums periodically reviews the best crowdfunding marketing services on the web. We compared dozens of the top crowdfunding services to rank which one is most effective for crowdfunders.


This year our crowdfunding forum¬†ranked Smart Boost System the most effective crowdfunding service for Indiegogo campaigns for 2016. is a trusted source for crowdfunders to get expert promotions for their Indiegogo crowdfunding projects. The Smart Boost System team’s commitment to getting results for every client has earned them positive feedback from the crowdfunding community.

Some of the factors we looked at in making this decision included:

-Feedback from crowdfundingbase forum members

-Positive reviews online for

-The Smart Boost System team

-The number of successful projects using the Smart Boost System


Learn more by visiting their website at Smart Boost System


Author: Kevin from CrowdfundingBase (Forum Staff)

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